Wilfried van den Boorn Fijnschilder
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Still lives

Stil lives

Even though still-life was present in my previous work I never felt the urge to deepen out the subject before 2002.

In my still-lives I often choose a setting in which flowers, with or without other attributes, play the leading role. The flowers in most paintings come from my own garden and by painting them their existence, however two dimensional and in paint, is confirmed.

My still-lives are not characterized by any big gestures but rather focus on the smaller things in life. Often I use found objects or items I brought back from my travels. In my paintings I strive for harmony that is often missing in hectic day-to-day life. In my work the observer can find a quiet focal point for both eye and mind.


Realism since 1990

My work from 1990 to the current date is characterized by a number of changes in the approach to my art.

At the end of the previous period ( 1970 - 1990 )
I had a more imaginary approach to subject matter. In this gallery you will find a number of paintings that will illustrate the last phase in this manner as well as a number of paintings in transition to the next phase; the renewed naturalistic approach to the subject matter.

Important in this period was my discovery of the adobe architecture of North Africa. Another important influence were the developments on the political world stage and the accompanying explosions of violence. Finally in 2002 these events lead to my choice of still-lifes as my main subject.



In my work as a fine artist I have also chosen the portrait as a theme, either by assignment or out of free choice.

Within this subject I have practised a number of approaches.
On one hand I have painted the portrait in its "classical" form and on the other hand I chose it as a subject in an environment. Furthermore from 1980 onwards I have developed a form in which the portrait is built up of different layers that all refer to the person portrayed.

Torn photographs together with other items depict the person portrayed and in this way offer the possibility to illustrate the reason for the assignment. In this gallery you will find a number of examples of portraits.